LSK 2024 Finaler BannerAusmalbilderHistorisches Graffiti in Dresden,1994 , Foto von Klaus HeidemannLSK 2024 Finaler BannerPlakatgestaltung von Collettivo FX - La Guerra e tra - la Pace etra für WOD Dresdn 2022


Since 2014, the actors of LackStreichekleber e.V. realize Urban Art events in Dresden and beyond.

Exhibitions, discussions, festivals, guided tours, murals and workshops clarify the background, power and relevance of contemporary Urban Art.

The next LackStreicheKleber – Urban Art Festival Dresden will take place from 1-9 June 2024.

All events of the Festival can be found in the events – section.

The LackStreicheKleber e.V. is a non-profit organization and works in the field of Urban Art in Dresden.

Donations can be made to our  paypal account.