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Our work

The LackStreicheKleber e.V. is a non-profit organization working in the field of Urban Art in Dresden. Since 2014, the actors of the association realize the LackStreicheKleber – Urban Art Festival Dresden. With exhibitions, workshops, guided tours, discussions and much more, the festival helps to clarify the background, power and relevance of this contemporary art movement. In doing so, the view of the local scene also plays an important role, which presents itself to a broad audience within the framework of the festival.

In addition, the association implements various projects that realize art in public space, cultural education and social participation.

Supporting membership

The LackStreicheKleber e. V. actively shapes the art and cultural landscape in Dresden. In order to be able to realize this work, the association is dependent on support. With a sustaining membership you support Urban Art in Dresden and enable us to realize projects in the field of art in public space, cultural education and participation.

Upon request, we will send you a declaration of supporting membership.

Please contact us via our e-mail.

Statutes of the association

Statutes of the association (german only)

Board of Directors

The management of the association is taken over by the three members of the board: Cassedy Richter, Jens Besser and Hans-Ulrich Besser are currently leading the association.