Performance – Perform the Urban Art

18:00 to 23:00
Performance – Perform the Urban Art

PERFORM THE URBAN ART – performances

August 10th, start 6.00 pm – Scheune / Katy’s Garage, continuation after discussion – approx. 9:30 pm


Why should artists still paint walls themselves, if a facade printer can take over this?

What does the future of urban art look like in times of sell-out, kitsch images, digitization and increasing robotics?


In the performance series PERFORM THE URBAN ART these and other questions are dealt with by artists. For PERFORM THE URBAN ART the LackStreicheKleber Festival invites the Copenhagen artist Anders Reventlov Larsen and the Halle artist Stefan Schwarzer. Reventlov Larsen’s murals are characterized by strong black and white contrasts. The Dane is known for his expressive, energetic works. For the first time he will develop on the walls with Schwarzer performances.Together they will experiment with different techniques and develop a performance procedure for the festival theme PERFORM THE URBAN ART. Among other things, mobile projectors, spray paints, facade spraying equipment and a prototype of a wall painting robot are used.


Both are supported by the Dresden artist Jens Besser, who has been performing mural performances indoors and outdoors for many years. In the series MURALS OF THE FUTURE, Besser and Schwarzer performatively deal with the development of murals. Both artists interact with each other through video and live drawing on walls and explore new technical possibilities to realize Murals.


On the 7th, 8th and 10th of August, public performances will take place on legal graffiti sites.

August 7th, start at 8.00 pm, flood channel (bridge pier under Washingtonstra├če), duration approx. 2 h

August 8th, start at 6.00 pm, Alexander Puschkin Platz, duration approx. 4h

August 10th, start 6.00 pm – Scheune / Katy’s Garage, continuation after discussion – approx. 9:30 pm


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