Discussion- Perform the Urban Art

19:00 to 21:30
Discussion- Perform the Urban Art


Saxon Urban Art stagnates mostly in the field of mural art. It stagnates qualitatively, technically and in content. The reason for this is a deadlocked technology and image canon.

For decades, the same techniques have been practiced. Outlines and fillings are sprayed with paint.To fill large backgrounds facade paints are used. Technically perfect works are preferred to experimental, rough works – instead of giving this room, too.
As a result, you can see repeated works in different color gradients, which could have been realized by a facade printer.

How did this development come about and which way can one find out of the worse?
Why should artists still paint walls themselves, if a facade printer can take over this?
What does the future of urban art look like in times of digitization and increasing robotics?

These and other questions are discussed in the discussion PERFORM THE URBAN ART by our guests after a short presentation by Robert Kaltenhäuser.
The discussion will be moderated by Hendryk von Busse.

invited guests

Robert Kaltenhäuser, freelance art critic and curator from Aachen

Prof. Dr. Ilaria Hoppe, Professor at the Catholic University of Linz

Thomas Dietze, organizer of the Ibug in Greater West Saxony

BBB Johannes Deimling, performance – artist 

Hendryk von Busse, organizer of the Hallenser Freiraumgalerie – moderator

When? Friday 10th August 2018, entry 6 pm, start 7 pm

Where ? Scheune Dresden, Alaunstraße , 01099 Dresden


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